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Dagger by Artcanbeamazing
Dagger: come at me bro
Me: O_O no
Dagger: why not
Me: who would attack you, you're a psychotic b!tch
Dagger: correction psychotic demon b!tch and your just scared
Me: well I'm more of a black mailer than a fighter
Dagger: ha you have nothing on me
Me: well remember that time you invited over some creepypastas and you got really drunk and ended up fu**ing --
Dagger: O_O okay you do have stuff on me
Me: so who's tough sh!t now!
Dagger: we both are
Me: good!
Sitting in a sewer by Artcanbeamazing
Sitting in a sewer
Just Dagger peacefully sitting in sewer because why not.
I just noticed this!! Any ways colouring currently
Creepypasta drawing by Artcanbeamazing
Creepypasta drawing
I drew all the creepypasta's that were on the top of my head including my two OCs Dagger and InSaNiTy now to colour it
The lights they are out, all the doors in the school are locked, there is no where to left to run.
"AHAHAHAHAHAHA" that laughter is so menacing we have two killers in the building, their names are Dagger and InSaNiTy, apparently they aren't even human but I don't care I need to escape. As I run down the corridor I see blood, so how it happened.

It was a normal school day we started of a socialising then we picked on the losers known as Ruby and Sapphire. "You two are total losers" I fired at them "don't you have something better to do" Sapphire sighed "like what" my friend Lizzy snapped back at her "oh I don't know like fucking every boy in school you sluts" Ruby fired at us "that's it" we grabbed a group of football players to beat up the losers. It's not that they were ugly and it's not because Ruby only has one eye, it's because they were a threat and that scared me if anyone's going to be head bitch it's going to be me.

As the guys beats them up I could see them smiling like maniacs what's up with that, "beat me, bash me, make blood gush out of me~" Sapphire said in a sing song voice. There eyes turned crimson red. "Oh Bear~" Ruby called the guys stopped beating them, out of the shadows came a teddy bear with stitches all over, it had what I think was a demon eye it was creepy, even worse it was holding knives! "Here you go malady" he gave Ruby the knives and she handed one to Sapphire "oh we've been waiting so long for this" Ruby and Sapphire said in sync, "who-o are you? W-what are you" I could see a sick sadistic smirk play on there faces "we are demons" they said deviously, I could see the blood lust in there eyes. In the blink of the eye they were gone but there was blood everywhere and on the floor lied the boys and lizzy's lifeless bodies "we are Dagger and InSaNiTy"
there's voices echoed down the corridor.

So here we are now, the speakers came on "students" oh thank god it was the principal they must have left the building "as--- aghhhhh please nooo" "ahahahahahaha" that laughter again it sent chills down my spine "pathetic humans" I could hear the smirk on play on Daggers lip as she said so "you all have 30 seconds to hide then our song will play" InSaNiTy said deviously "and when we find you, you will die" Dagger stated "you can close your eyes and pray to god but the dark is our domain!" Dagger laughed after she said this "do you feel you sanity slipping" it ended with those to laughing like the crazy bitches they are.

I started to run like hell ,what do I? I could hear cries/sobs, people trying to call the police, but I could tell nothing was going to work, if they waited this long then obviously they had a plan. The speaker went on again and a song started to play.

Come and play
We haven't got all day
I want to play around with your head
Until your dead

I heard screams, from every my breath fastened I have to keep running, then it hit me, Lizzy was dead, the boys were dead, my classmates are most likely dead, I don't care though I have to survive it's all about me.

Lets play a game
Full of pleasure and pain
Screams and blood
That's not enough
For we want some thing more
Go ahead run for the door

"Ahahahaha we are going to get you" I saw a group of girls perfect, if they come for me I can ditch them and still look for an escape "come girls" I said to them, they got up and ran with me.

Are you ready?
It's to late to choose
For we are already after you
Again and again
Yes we are insane.

Blood and bodies all through the school I can't find a damn exit there's one and it doesn't look like it's locked.

That's what we are
Full of pain and mental scars
That's what you are
For playing our game
There's no where left run
I'm afraid we must end the fun

"AGHHHH!!" There goes one of them the door is so close I can taste the fresh air.

Close your eyes
And pray
For we are truly insane
The dark is our domain
Do you feel you sanity slipping
We can't wait to see your blood dripping
Why you ask?

I've got my hand on the handle I'm going to make it, wait it's gone quiet and all can hear is the song play.

That's what we are
Full of pain and mental scars
That's what you are
For playing our game
There's no where left to run
I'm afraid we must end the fun

I'm going to do it "and where do you think your going missy" That voice was Daggers "we saved you for last because you are special" the other voice was InSaNiTys. I turned and saw them covered in blood "please no" I begged, they walked up to me "no~" they said in sync, I started to cry, there's nothing left to do, "how pathetic you quite happily watched your friends die" InSaNiTy stated "but when it comes to your life its a different story" Dagger finished, they stabbed me in my arms and legs leaving me there to bleed out ad I lied there I heard them sing the rest of the song

Pathetic humans
Think you can run
We aren't just regular women
We are killers
Full of sadistic smiles and smirks
Have our own flaws and perks
We aren't like the rest though
We are demons
Who stain the pure white snow
But in the end we are truly

  (A/n I write that song)

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