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August 14


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Me: oh shit 8 chapters
Sebastian: they have been long and painful i think I should get a reward
Me: I think you should shut your face *I whip him with sexy cat tail*
Sebastian: I think that's a good idea
Me: yes it is dog breath, okay on with dares first is from RmGrimm

omg your dares are so funny ><
sebastien , y u so horny? get over yourself ^^
my dare for you, don't be in a room with women in it, see what you will do ^^
(awwwwe did i piss u off? that's right, what u gonna do to me ??? *me running off really scared screaming  NOTHING, CUZ I AM SO EVIL, MOUAHAHAHA*)

To the rest of you, that was just sad *u*, AND I ENJOYED IT!!!

i will think of stuff for u later, don't worry , I WILL BE BACK BI**HEZ!!! don't get too comfortable


Me: OMG lmao, hahahaha Sebastian get the fuck out of this room
Sebastian: fine jingle bells
Me: but look where the bell is, it's right above my boobs which you won't be able too look at for a while, and no you can't kill RmGrimm
Sebastian: *mumbles something under his breath and leaves*
Me: okay we have more from RmGrimm
Ciel: if she did that to Sebastian imagine what she's gonna do to us
Me: I love this girl


ciel (dare) : tell Lizzy, u have herpes!!! mouahaha, let's see if she breaks up with you ><
Grell (truth):do u have secret hidden stash photos of sebastien?? i think you do, just being sure

Alois(dare):dress up as ciel , and stalk lizzy, after (if) she breaks up with him, then confess ur undying love for her in public !!!!

claude, hmm, nothing , just sit down and enjoy!!!
Hannah(dare) : Dye all Claude's clothe in pink, then spray them with spider poison !! ^^

May-rin (dare): hmm , take off ur glasses and go berserk on everyone's ass!!

sebby: oh that's right i already dared u!!


good luck to all!!!

Me: ahahahahahaha
Ciel: are you and this girl related because your both crazy bitches and incredibly evil
Me: nope but we might as well be, no go on
Ciel: Lizzy I have something to tell you
Lizzy: Yes Ciel
Ciel: I have herpes
Lizzy: whatttttt!!!!!! Ewww I'm breaking up with you
Ciel: I hate you RmGrimm
Lizzy: *runs away*
Grell: yes I do have a secret stash of photos of my Bassy
Me: is he your Bassy? Because last time I checked he's that girls Bassy, and that girls Bassy, and that girls Bassy he's a true man hoar
Alois: but I don't want to
Me: I'll give you skittles
Alois: *dresses up as Ciel and looks for Lizzy* Lizzy, Lizzy
Lizzy: Ciel!!
Alois: Lizzy I love you with all my heart
Lizzy: oh Ciel!!
Me: ewww!! that's so crap
Claude: why do I get this feeling that something bad is going to happen
Me: no it won't (whispering Hannah do the dare now)
Hannah: of course
Mey-Rin: Okay *takes of glasses*
Me: oh shit!! *chewing gum really loud*
Claude: do you mind?
Me: yes I do!!
Mey-Rin: die bitches die, *starts shooting*
Me: oh fucking hell I'm not gonna stand here
Ciel: oh crap Sebastian's not allowed in the room
Me: who needs Sebastian *deflects the bullets*
Mey-Rin: *run out of ammo*
Me: okay next is from therealdjpon3

  ceil: i dare you to break off the wedding with lizzy saying your gay and want to be with sebastian

Sebastian: is it true you keep a stash of cats in your room

alois: i dare to confess your love to claude

claude: fight sebastian and lose as always

Me: well the wedding with Lizzy has already been broken off because Ciel has herpes
Ciel: I don't have herpes it was just a dare
Me: okay whatever
Sebastian: yes I do have cats in my room
Ciel: I knew it!!
Alois: Claude I love you
Claude: I don't give to shits
Alois: *starts to cry and runs over to me*
Me: Claude your a fucking bastard Sebastian kick his ass
Sebastian: as you wish
Me: while Sebastian is kicking Claude's ass
Alois: Claude's so mean *crying into my dress*
Me: oh Alois his a mega bastard anyways next is from BlackCatShadows

I dare Will to kiss Grell! (Also not shipper, I like to make Will suffer too )
I dare Alois to sit in the skittles room that is also filled with every other kind of candy in the world and not eat ANY of it or cry!
Truth for Ciel, are you in love with Alois?
(Ahahahahahhaaa! I love torturing thems )

Me: Alois you can do your dare next chapter
Alois: thanks Time *still crying into my dress*
Me: Oh Will~
Will: Grell!!
Grell: oh yes Will
Will: *kisses Grell vomits*
Me: ewwww!!
Grell: *faints*
Ciel: No! I don't love Alois
Me: *elbows Ciel*
Ciel: we are only friends just
Alois: *cries a little less*
Me: *sighs*,next is from babykiwi25

Wait, I just got two of them. Lock Sebastian in a room full of adorable kittens. He would like that. Then, have Grell finally "paint Alois and Claude red". Those are going to be my last two.

Me: What!! Your out of dares you will be missed babykiwi25, Sebastian
Sebastian: *walks into the room full off cats* there so cute
Me: *locks the door behind him*
Grell: *paints Alois red*
Me: you bitch you painted my dress your fucking screwed
Grell: *runs off*
Claude: my clothes there pink and they have spider killer on them
Me: MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, Hannah that was amazing
Hannah: Claude you haven't got any arms
Claude: Sebastian cut them off
Me: hahaha!! Lmfao, that's the end of this chapter peace
Disclaimer: I don't own black butler
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omg ilove it wow can i do more for you
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Do more
therealdjpon3 Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
sweet k

sebastian :i dare you to kiss time

ceil: is it true you have fellings for sebastian insted of lizzy

claude: do yo like cats like sebastian if not whats your most crazyest dream

alios: dance to single ladys in frount of ceil wearing a cute doggy outfit

grell finally get your kiss from bassy girl
Artcanbeamazing Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2014  Student Artist
I've just written chapter 9 so I'll have to put it in chapter 10
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i saw that but ok
Artcanbeamazing Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2014  Student Artist
OMG I just realised Sebastian has to kiss me no!!
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